Spring IOTA Workshop Series

Building Castles in the Sky

Fridays, 3:00-5:00 pm – Truly House UW-Bothell Campus

Friday, April 9 – Introduction to Interactive Online Media

Online games like all modern online services are extraordinary technological achievements that span creative, technology and economic disciplines beyond the limits of individual comprehension. Today the most valuable, fastest growing, businesses are online service companies like Google, Facebook and Zynga. These remarkable “Castles in the Sky all share a rare combination of attributes that drive their growth and success. The new era of software services demands an entirely new kind of workforce with rapidly evolving sets of interdisciplinary skills combined with specialization that no previous generation has experienced. This series of IOTA workshops will focus on laying a foundation for understanding the fast paced world of Interactive Online Services spanning the technology, infrastructure, marketing, creative, financing,management and economic challenges that these companies face and how they overcome them.

Episode 1 – Introduction to Interactive Online Media

Friday, April 16 – Virality

The Internet is a near frictionless environment where online services have no “inventory”, “COG’s”, or “shipping” costs in the traditional sense, in this world classical economics breaks down and a quantum world of “free” services that spread ” virally” to audiences around the world with little regard for geography or national boundaries dominates. All hugely successful online services exhibit “virality” as a fundamental property of their success. This workshop explores the properties and dynamics of virality that drive the chain reactions that cause leading Online Services to accumulate vast worldwide audiences with little traditional marketing investment.

Episode 2 – Virality

Friday, April 23 – Online Business Models

Online services have unique marketing characteristics and business models. This program will teach students how to assess which business model makes the most sense for a particular online business given the key business assets, competitors and opportunity. The workshop will help you develop the skills and gain practical in class experience developing online marketing plans and testing them.Students will focus the experience by creating plans and trial marketing for an online game or games service.

Workshop will teach the fundamentals of Online

  • Business Models
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Audience Generation

Episode 3 – Online Business Models

Friday, April 30 – Online Product Management

Have some great ideas that you think would make a great business, product or service? Not sure how to assess the idea and then formulate a plan to create the product? Need more than one person to create the product or service?

This program will teach students how to crystallize product ideas, identify where the ideas fit amongst competitors and then how to create a marketing requirements document to define the product for development and engineering. This workshop will help you develop the skills and gain practical in class experience developing a product plan. Students will focus the product emphasis by creating their own online game or games service.

Episode 4 – Online Product Management

Friday, May 7 – Evolutionary Engineering

In the online world products are no longer designed they are evolved. Modern software is so complex and the online competitive environment is so fast paced that the only way to build software is iteratively in a live customer-centric environment. This workshop focuses on how complex products are planned, teams structured and software delivered in near real-time using examples from social media and online gaming to illustrate how online services evolve and adapt in the real-world.

Episode 5- Evolutionary Engineering

Friday, May 14 – The Venture Capitalists

Raising capital is as fundamental to creating modern online companies as renting office space was to traditional brick and mortar companies. Raising capital is a vital skill for all would be entrepreneurs that require a special mix of charisma, skill, business acumen, reputation, teamwork and vision.Leading VCs will talk about how to write a business plan, present successfully and close the deal. For this workshop come prepared with your best 5 minute elevator pitch. Leading VCs will critique your pitch and coach you on how to improve and refine your technique for the real-thing.

Episode 6 – The Venture Capitalists

Friday, May 21 – Online Game Design

Online games are the ultimate examples of Castles in the Sky incorporating all the most difficult elements of product design, marketing, refinement, hosting, creativity and business models. In this workshop well tear open some leading online games to see how they were designed, constructed, marketed and monetized.

Episode 7 – Online Game Design

Friday, June 4 – Effective Failure

The last workshop in the IOTA series teaches the final and most important lessons to great success and achievement in a highly competitive world wide economy that moves at the speed of light. These are the hardest lessons to learn and yet the most essential to success. Those who master them consistently find themselves in the path of good fortune, wealth and achievement. These are the lessons of humility derived from leaders in the online world who have learned the hard way to fail early and fail often.The final IOTA workshop features leaders from across the online industry telling their stories of failure and humility.

Episode 8 – Effective Failure