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I Humbly Welcome Our New Robot Overlords

The time has finally come to bow down to our robot masters. Dr. Peter Kormushev and his colleagues of the Italian Institute of Technology have successfully programmed a robot to aim and shoot a bow and arrow. Not only is the robot capable of … Continue reading

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Dead Space May Have Easily Been Canned

Dead Space, one of EA’s new flagship titles, began with a very rocky development cycle. During the first games product Visceral Studios exec producer admits that the game was under an “immense amount of pressure” in a recent interview with CVG. “With … Continue reading

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Why So Serious Video Game Trailers?

With Halo Reach right around the corner, Microsoft is in full-assault mode with their advertising campaign. Much like Halo 3, Microsoft is taking the route of live-action television spots rather than showing off the sweet sweet gameplay. While it definitely worked … Continue reading

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