You Really Don’t Know Transmedia Yet

During the last week of September, Amsterdam’s 5th annual PICNIC conference took place. Since 2006 PICNIC has allowed for scientists, artists, think tanks, marketers, designers, media experts, government leaders, entrepreneurs, inventors, game developers,  students, teachers and many others to come together to put their minds together and discuss creative solutions to all the current and upcoming problems. Well, not all, but quite a few.

During this years’ conference an interesting panel took place revolving around transmedia properties, what some of you may know as ARGs(alternate reality games). Some of of the business’ biggest creative minds, such as Dan Hon of  Wiedden + Kennedy (Old Spice campaign), Tommy Pallotta (rotoscoping technology used in A Scanner Darkly) and Anita Ondine (Sieze The Media) shared their insight of transmedia property. The panelists touched on the beginning; which many believe to be A.I.: Artificial Intelligence’s The Beast, some interesting instances of ARGs bringing people together and of course the future of transmedia properties.

Over on ARGNet, Daniël van Gool was able to write up an incredible summary of the entire panel available for your reading. The speakers touch on some great issues which are sure to see some interesting and big changes in the coming future.

Transmedia at PICNIC [ARGNet]

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