Dead Space May Have Easily Been Canned

Dead Space, one of EA’s new flagship titles, began with a very rocky development cycle. During the first games product Visceral Studios exec producer admits that the game was under an “immense amount of pressure” in a recent interview with CVG. “With [the first] Dead Space, any time we showed it [to EA] there was immense pressure,” he said. “At any minute we might have got cancelled, they might have said, ‘This isn’t making any progress, we don’t like it'” said Steve Papoutsis.

There has been a huge amount of flack towards EA’s development cycles, with some studios claiming they were working 24 hour a day just to get the game where EA wanted it. With Dead Space 2 and a new Need for Speed just around the corner it almost seems like EA is taking a new path with the games they release, but are they taking a new path with the way they treat their Devs? Only time will tell.

Dead Space could’ve been canned ‘at any minute’ [CVG]

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