Microsoft’s Kinect priced at $150, Pacther: “standalone price for Kinect is too high”

Earlier yesterday Microsoft announced to the world Kinect’s official pricing of $150 along with a Kinect bundle for $299, which includes the newly announced 4GB Xbox 360 Slim, Kinect, and Kinect adventures. Along with the peripheral Microsoft claimed at least 15 titles would be available at launch. During an interview with CVG industry analyst Michael Patcher explained his marketing opinions on Kinect.

“The Kinect bundle costs only $100 more than the cost of a standalone console, so they can afford to sell Kinect for $100,” Patcher said during his interview with CVG. “[Also] the standalone price for Kinect is too high, and core gamers will be put off by the price. My bias is that most core gamers will wait, but that 5 – 10 per cent will buy it. That suggests 2 – 4 million standalone units [sold].”

Even at 5-10 percent Microsoft still has the opportunity to break into the motion control market, although Patcher feels that the Nintendo Wii will not notice a threat stating, “I don’t see a meaningful threat to the Wii at these prices. The all-in cost of the arcade bundle is $299, still $100 above the Wii, although some people will find that attractive. The all-in cost of the PS3 plus a complete Move package is $479; $399 for the PS3, game, Move and Eye, another $80 for an extra Move and a sub-controller. At this price, it’s not particularly competitive with the Wii.”

Patcher: Kinect price is too high for hardcore – [CVG]

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