Is the iPhone 4 the fastest-selling ‘console’ ever?

I’m sure many of you are saying no. Even so within three days of the iPhone 4’s initial launch Apple has hit a record breaking 1.7
million units sold worldwide, becoming the fastest selling mobile phone of all time.  Not
too big of a surprise when considering the massive-phone-following of Apple enthusiasts the company has collected since it’s initial iPhone launch.

Although I don’t see the iPhone as a gaming platform 1.7 million is an outstanding number of units sold and for those who do see the iPhone as a gaming platform this would mean quite simply that it IS in fact, the fastest-selling console ever, beating out even the Nintendo DS.

With a marketplace full of thousands of games, it’s no wonder why many would consider the smart phone as the ultimate handheld platform. What do you think?

iPhone 4: the fastest-selling ‘console’ ever? – []

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